Bintan Insider, Indonesia

The world is discovering what Singaporeans have known for decades: nearby Bintan Island, in Indonesia, boasts incredible beaches, surprising wildlife, world-class golf and an expanding assortment of resorts to suit all budgets.

When kayaking along Bintan’s extraordinary coastline of sculpted boulders, coral-ringed islands, thick jungle and hidden coves, it seems impossible to believe that one of the world’s most densely populated countries – Singapore – is just over the horizon, a 45-minute ferry ride away.

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Sriwilai Resort Sukhothai, Thailand Hotel Review

A gorgeous new boutique hotel with views of the Sukhothai ruins

We spent 3 relaxing nights here while exploring the ruins in Sukhothai and Srisatchanalai. The resort was the perfect base and great value considering the 5* bedding, quality furnishings and pool. We slept blissfully in the most comfortable beds. There were only a handful of other guests during our stay so book a room before the word gets out. 

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Anantara Vacation Club (AVC) Mai Khao, Phuket Hotel Review

Keeping kids entertained is easy at the Anantara Vacation Club (AVC) in Mai Khao!

We’ve been expats in Asia for 20+ years and for the last 4 years we’ve lived in Bangkok. We’ve been to Phuket at least a dozen times and still love it. Since we have 4 young boys, we are always looking for family friendly hotels and the AVC Mai Khao is definitely is one of our favourites. But if you’re single or a couple who want to go excursions into town and other beaches, go shopping and explore the nightlife, this is NOT your hotel.

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Anantara Dhigu, Maldives Hotel Review

A perfect tropical playground for kids!

Wow factor! Access to restaurants, pools and facilities at both hotels, Impressive although pricey wine cellar/wine list, seeing reef sharks, rays, lionfish, porcupine fish, schools of jacks & tuna, crown jellyfish, and a host of other fish…many that I’ve only seen previously while diving, seeing spinner dolphins flip & spin

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Anantara Qasr Al Sarab, UAE Hotel Review

Truly unforgettable! An oasis in the desert. I’ve traveled to over 110 countries and stayed in some amazing 5* hotels for work and pleasure but Qasr Al Sarab is definitely one of the best.

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Farm De Lek, Nakon Nayok

Barnyard animals, scavenger hunts, zip lines, swimming and ATV rides; Farm de Lek is a kids’ dream destination!

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48 hours at Phi Ta Khon – Ghost Mask Festival, Thailand

Day One – Jun 24


Since we first moved to Thailand 3 years earlier we had wanted to attended the Phi Ta Khon Festival otherwise known as the Ghost Mask Festival. Scott had seen pictures in a Thai magazine when we first arrived and said this is must. The annual festival is held in late June/early July and part of a larger 3-day festival called Bun Luang that has been celebrated for over 400 years. We had a difficult time attending in previous years as the dates are chosen from the agricultural calendar so the festival dates are only announced 3-6 weeks prior by the village elders. With 4 young kids, I’m a planner and rarely schedule trips last minute so this year I cleared our calendars for June and July to guarantee that we could make it.

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Phi Ta Khon – Ghost Mask Festival, Thailand Travel Tips

The hardest part about attending the festival is knowing when it’s held. Since it’s announced about 2 months before, it makes planning a trip for most people quite difficult. It is usually held around the end of June/early July. The best place to find out is to follow Richard Barrow who announced it on the same day the local tourism board announced it Otherwise you can contact either the local tourism board directly or one of the hotels listed below.

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Travel Packing!

We all love to travel but the logistics of it all are sometimes overwhelming! Packing is probably the least favorite part of the travel experience especially on a longer trip where we need to pack as lightly as possible. Most of us dread packing especially if you have to do it for your kids and sometimes your partner. I’ve traveled to over 110 countries and 30 with my 2 sets of twin boys. Whether it’s packing for a weekend trip to the beach or a 6 month rtw expedition, below are some of my tips for traveling.  

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Water Kefir Instructions

Water kefir is a fantastic probiotic drink that’s easy to make at home and great for your gut health. You may have drank or heard of kombucha and jun which are other probiotic drinks although our family preference is water kefir as it’s not as tart as the others so my kids love drinking it. So instead of giving your kids juice, soda or other sugary drinks, try fruit flavored water kefir as a substitute. It’s safe to drink it daily and contains probiotics (healthy bacteria) and vitamins. My kids love the fizziness and the fruity flavor! 

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