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Life was already an adventure – and then we had two sets of twin boys! We’re two Americans who met in Hong Kong and spent the next 20 years living in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Bangkok). Starting in 2013, we took nearly three years off and traveled to 60+ countries, getting engaged (in the Cook Islands) and married (in the Czech Republic) along the way. Now we’re sharing our love of adventurous travel with our crazy boys…and YOU!

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Our Whirlwind Tour of Europe

There’s an old joke about Americans’ whirlwind tours of Europe: Son: Where are we Dad? Dad: (Consulting itinerary) Well it’s Tuesday, so this must be France. It’s funny. But it’s not really a joke at all. With so few vacation days, Americans tend to overdo their schedules and under-do their understanding. As a nation, we’re […]

What Really Counts in Travel?

Robert Major was obsessed with the number of countries that he had visited.  On the bus ride from Bonito to Iguazu Falls, we had gotten into a spirited, but light-hearted discussion about what countries “counted” and which countries didn’t.  (Initially impressed by our total, he later expressed skepticism at some of our inclusions: “Hong Kong was British […]

The Sunrise Scam

I am going to let you in on one of the biggest scams in the travel industry. Not hidden commissions, or overbooked flights, or rigged taxi meters. I am talking about The Sunrise Scam. Today, in thousands of places around the world, dawn is breaking on freezing tourists who have been forced out of bed […]

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